Below you will find production photos from various of my lighting design credits. Please click on any photo to enlarge it. All photos not taken by myself are credited. 
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Sing the Song from the Beginning
Los Angeles Dance Project | Spring 2023
Choreography: Megan Doheny
Projection Design: Ilya Nikurov
Animation: Nadav Gal
Cabrillo Stage | Summer 2022
Director: Cassie Nordgren
Scenic Design: Skip Epperson
Costume Design: Bethany Deal
Beehive, The 60's Musical
Cabrillo Stage | Summer 2019
Director: Gary John La Rosa
Scenic Design: Skip Epperson
Costume Design: Maria Crush
Show Photography: Jana Marcus and Caleb Wildman
I Could Take a Nap, but Killing Myself Would Be More Productive
Cloud 9 Productions | Winter 2019
Written & Directed by LaurenSage Browning
Fire in the Heart
Cabrillo College Theatre Arts | Spring 2016
Director: Deborah Allen
Scenic Design: Skip Epperson
Show Photography: Piper Stormes
The Thinks, Maybes, and Mights
California Institute of the Arts, School of Dance | Spring 2019
Written & Directed by Rosie Bataille
Show Photography: Grady Schleuder and Caleb Wildman
Studio 26
California Institute of the Arts | Fall 2018
Artistic Producers: Zach Palenchar and Kim Yeoman
Scenic Design: Kevin Crisostomo and David Kim
Chauvet Lighting Showcase
Chauvet Professional | Spring 2018
Lighting Design: Caleb Wildman, Pei-Yu Lai, Ryan Wichterich, Ben Wilson
Show Photography: Mark Silverman